Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quintessential college....

This has been a pretty average week, with a few exceptions. It was pretty exciting, we made bran muffins on tuesday night at like 1 am, it was a nice little adventure. I have a few big research projects that I have been putting off....but I'm going to get a really good start on them tomorrow :) no worries. My roommates and I had a series of random adventures last night. I was going to go to a dance party at my friend's house but we decided to get food and then go to first dam to eat it. But of course, Amy had to go the ATM at good ol' wally world. While we waited in the car we had a dance party in the parking lot. And then we had another dance party in the Wendy's drive thru while we waited for our order. Then we went to First Dam and went on the dock to eat it and saw some crazy awesome people canoeing in the middle of the night!
Saturday I woke up early to go to an Turbo Kick work shop at the Logan Rec Center. It was super fun, you can watch the video!
I went to a scholarship dinner for the College of Natural Resources and I got to meet my scholarship donors and have my mom and grandma come to see it. It's really nice to be in a smaller college because there is a lot of scholarship money. I got one scholarship, the Timothy Leary Memorial Scholarship for $450 and another, called the Quinney Undergraduate Scholarship for $3,600 for 3 years and there is an opportunity to apply for $2,000 in support of an academically meaningful  experience in my junior or senior year. It is so so wonderful now that my original scholarship that runs out this year, I can still pay for school. Yay! :D

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