Sunday, March 22, 2009


Aloha my friends! This weekend was the PSU (Polynesian Student Union) Luau. It was so much fun preparing and practicing in order to put on such a great event we started practicing in February for the luau in March. I was in the Hawaii implement, Fiji, New Zealand Poi, and New Zealand stick dances. There were dances from the islands of Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Tahiti, Tonga, and Samoa. Before the show there was delicious food It was so much fun to learn the dances and learn about Polynesian culturre. Something really fun about luaus is when people in the audience (usually family members or family friends) come up while you are dancing and give you money :) it's pretty awesome! Some people make paper necklaces out of dollar bills and give them to the dancers or just throw money or tuck it into their costume. I love the multicultural student services at Utah State. It is so great to be able to have a great education academically, but also be able to experience other cultures and have a good time while you're at it! Cheeeehoo!!!!
check it out on youtube! search for PSU LUAU 2009 :D (or username pahscuzeme)

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