Sunday, November 23, 2008

Diversity Week

This has been an amazing week full of diversity, dancing, and deliciousness! Diversity is such a big part of Utah State, so much that campus diversity is even a position in our student government here (ASUSU). It was created in 2002 to continue the tradition of Diversity Week, to promote inclusiveness and to give diverse students a voice and the opportunity to be represented. 

Chase Skidmore, the Diversity VP this year said that he wants students to know that “While issues such as ethnicity and skin color are a large part of diversity, it is not just our skin color or our cultural background that defines who we are. This year, Diversity Week will focus on race, ethnicity, culture, education, sexual orientation and diverse interests.  I think the overall hope I have for the week is a better understanding that we are all different and yet we collectively make up what it is to be USU.”

If you didn’t know Utah State has a VERY diverse campus. We have students from so many backgrounds and walks of life. We also have many international students, anywhere from China, Venezuela, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, or Tanzania, to Lebanon, Korea, Italy, or India. Anywhere you can think of really.

Having so many friends from all over has really enriched my experience here at Utah State, because as I have spent time with them I have learned about their countries and culture. It is such a beautiful thing to meet people from all over the world. I love it!

Some fun events for this week included “The World Sampler” cookout with food from all over (I loved the Indian food), the Unity Through Diversity Dance Show (featuring dances from all over), the cultural showcase and Mr. and Mrs. International Pageant.

We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.” –Anne Frank

USU Diversity Week illustration

Sunday, November 16, 2008


This week has been a fun adventure! I made a goal this week to be super healthy and it feels great. I love being really active and eating my fruits and veggies haha. On monday night I did yoga, then hip-hop, then kick boxing (needless to say the next day i was sore...) Tuesday I did Piyo (which is yoga and pilates mixed), and wednesday was really stressful with projects and exams, so I did some relaxing yoga. Thursdays are my favorite because at 11:00 a bunch of friends get together and play dodgeball all night (it is so much more intense than gym dodgeball in fourth is legit! haha) On friday I did stairs, and then Saturday went on a jog/walk with my sister. It really feels great to be balanced with physically, mentally, and socially etc. It really enhances the whole college experience and life in general. It really is not that hard either, I love being well! Have a well week and a swell day :) here is me doing yoga..definitely a good stretch (it is kinda crazy but I like it)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dance Battle and Poetry and a Beverage

So this weekend was so much fun! On friday night there was a university dance battle and there were dance crews from BYU Idaho, Utah State, BYU, Boise State, and some other people from Salt Lake and all around that came. It was put on by Best Buddies to raise money for the club that we have through the service center here at USU that pairs college students with handicapped/special needs people in our community. We stayed after and had a dance party and then after I met some of the dancers, it was cool! The dancing was amazing and it inspired me (and my awesome roommate) to make a lil music video. It was hilarious and I'm going to post it for your viewing pleasure. 
Saturday night was Poetry and Beverage, where people can come and read poetry or play songs they wrote, or basically say whatever is on their minds if they want, all while enjoying free and delicious beverages (this time it was italian sodas). It is basically an open mic night. I read a pretty poem about sunflowers and then did a ridiculous song with my friends. It was fun as always. Thats all for now :)
its on facebook here's the link

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween/the Howl

Hey hey! This weekend was Halloween yay! At Utah State we have an absolutely HUGE Halloween party everay year called The Howl. It’s the biggest party in the state of Utah and it is crazy fun! It went ffrom 8:30 p.m.–1:30 a.m. This year we had a haunted maze, movies and AWESOME dance performances by USU’s dance company Full Circle (they were dressed up all creepy and did some really cool dances and it was really impressive.) Some awesome bands came: Code Hero, Rock Bandits, Recycled Percussion and Love You Long Time. I was really excited about Love You Long Time cause I’m a big fan.
I volunteered at the Howl and I helped in the ballroom so I got to meet the band Recycled Percussion. They were so amazing and the guys were really nice. My friend Erika and I worked at the merchandise table during their two shows. The band dressed up for the second show and here is a sweet pic we got with them. I had to wear my volunteer shirt but I still dressed up like a cat and then I dressed up like a boy scout for a dance/costume party that was the night after. Hope you had  a happy HOWL-aween cause I sure did :) see ya at the Howl next year!