Thursday, January 22, 2009


This has been a bit of a crazy week, but that's ok, crazy is exciting right? But I finally got my laptop back from the shop. My hard drive crashed and of course I didn't back all of my files up, but at least it didn't happen in the middle of the semester or something. So NOW that I have my computer I am just grateful to have it back. The computer labs on campus saved my life! Each semester we get free print outs and you can get into any of the computer labs that are all around campus with just your student ID card. I was still able to all of my homework done and it wasn't too much of a hassle not having my laptop.

I'm working on my study abroad applications and meeting with my study abroad advisor. The Study Abroad Office has been such a great resource to me as I have been deciding my plans for studying abroad. I'm getting super psyched for the Study Abroad Fair. (I'll tell you more about that later...)
This week I also got my Aggie Blue Bike! What is that? Aggie Blue Bikes is a resource on campus from which any student can simply borrow a bike for free for the semester. All you need is your ID and a bike lock and they provide you with earth friendly t
ransportation to get you around campus. Not only does it save you the trouble of buying a bike or transporting yours from home, it saves the environment when you bike instead of drive. ABB is associated with Americorps and they are dedicated to helping the environment by promoting biking rather than driving. Once you check out your bike, Aggie Blue Bikes will fix it and teach you how to do do it yoursel for F R E E. Few people know about this awesome resource though, so make sure when you come to Utah State you get a free bike for a semester! Mine is a really cute cruiser and I love it :D

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