Thursday, January 22, 2009


As you all know this has been an important week. It was so exciting to have the new president inaugurated. During the day all throughout the TSC (Taggart Student Center) in the main lounge and in the ballroom the Inauguration proceedings were broadcast. Students and faculty, random passersby, whoever, we all watched the new president be inaugurated. It was really cool.
Not only that, but it was a long weekend because of Human Rights day (Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday), what could make this week better? The Arts and Lectures Committee had guest lecturer Kirk Bloodswirth, who was sentenced to death row for a rape and a murder he didn't commit. In 1993, he was exonerated by DNA evidence. His case was the first capital conviction to be overturned in the United States. Now at the helm of The Justice Project in Washington, DC, Kirk is now an advocate and a leader in criminal justice reform. And everyone at USU was able hear him speak and share his story at the TSC Ballroom. We had the opportunity to ask him questions and even shake his hand. It was definitely cool.
The Polynesian Student Union is just starting up dance practices for our big luau coming up in the spring. It sure is exciting!

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