Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rallying at the State Capitol

Hey friends! So I was definitely on the news like 5 times on Friday. There was a huge rally at the capitol for students around the state in support of higher education. Some state senators and representatives spoke to us on the front steps (there was tons of media coverage.) After, we went into the House and Senate chambers and wrote notes to the wonderful people who represent us as students and told them how we feel about the quality of our education at Utah State and how much it matters to us. There was a really good turn out of students from Utah State. We had two tour buses that went down for the rally and we had a really good time. The entire week was a week of activism. We had a rally in the Hub (where everyone eats lunch), after the basketball game we had a party where we made posters and signs and wrote our senators to prepare for the big day at the capitol. But I feel that students of higher education are the future of this state. we are the future leaders, voters, and taxpayers here. Higher education is one of the most valuable investments the state can make. For every $1 invested into higher education, the state sees $7 in return. It is beautiful! I love this school so much and my education here means so much to me. You will most certainly get an awesome education when you come here :)

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