Sunday, April 19, 2009

Service Week

So last week was Service Week. I was really busy with Aggies for Africa doing all sorts of things to raise money for a non profit organization called Mali Rising. It is based out of Salt Lake City and raises money to build schools in Mali (a country in Africa) through community efforts. After we raise the money, and provide the building materials the villagers and community members in Africa build the school themselves. This is a better way of helping build community and aid at the same time by having them be invested and work as hard as we did to raise the money to build the school that their children will enjoy (a much better alternative than just dropping a school that we build and leave there.) Aggies for Africa worked with the Val R. Christensen Service Center and various class project groups to raise money. Kalai, a popular guitarist and vocalist came to do a benefit concert and it was really successful. We sold our newly designed t-shirts, had luncheons and dinners to also raise funds, as well as accepting donations. We are closer to our goal but have not raised all of the money yet, but we are optimistic and proud of how much we have raised so far.
check out the website :)

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