Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Robins Awards :)

This week is one of the last weeks before it gets SUPER crazy with final projects, papers, presentations, and exams. Last night was the Robins Awards.
The Robins Awards are the most coveted of all Utah State honors. They reward students and faculty for hard work and dedication to their individual goals, as well as the goals of USU. The awards memorialize William E. Robins, a campus hero who had a rare quality to turn his vision into Utah State's vision. Robins was a Sigma Nu at Utah State who served as USU's student body president in 1949. He was the primary and initial visionary of today's Taggart Student Center. Each year, the gallant event is held in the evening, and several awards are presented. The ceremony is followed by the Spring Formal dance. Throughout the years, the name of Bill Robins has stood as a symbol of the best efforts students can offer. As a memorial to him, the night's feature award is called the Bill Robins Memorial Award. Other awards include: Achievement of the Year, Woman of the Year, Man of the Year, Organization of the Year, and the Val R. Christensen Service of the Year.
I was nominated for Woman of the Year and to my surprise was named a finalist, and to my even greater surprise (which I still can't believe) I was awarded Woman of the Year! I really did not think that I would win so I didn't really thing of what to say so my speech thingy kind of sucked, but I feel so honored and humbled. Wow, I still can't believe it!


Jason Sanders said...

You deserve it Brooke! Congrats!

Robert Schmidt said...

Congrats Brooke! Your dedication to making this world a better place makes me PROUD to know ya!

Andrea said...

Brooke-that's awesome! Congratulations-you constantly amaze me! Love ya!