Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tis the season to be jolly...

The week before finals has been as jolly as I could allow. I most certainly enjoyed attending the 2nd Annual Christmas Sweater Party hosted by some friends just down the street from me. It was quite a joyous and hilarious occasion. There was a $50 prize for the best sweater, $25 and $15 for second and third. and 4 $10 Firehouse cards that will be handed out to the fourth and fifth place winners. I just so happened to win 1st prize! Not only did I get a the $50 dollars, but the great honor of having the best sweater. Aside from the sweater contest, there was also a mistletoe "kissing zone", dancing, and of course a station for dance photos! Everyone had really great sweaters and it was just a blast, but I was clearly the champion. I even wore sweater pants and christmas tree socks, a wreath, mistletoe, and ornaments.
This week there was "Holiday Lane" where the student clubs buy a tree and decorate it so that it can be donated to families in need through the Cache Valley Head Start program.
There was also a little Festivus celebration (Seinfeld fans...) which included airing of grievances, feats of s
trength, and the Festivus pole. I was declared the victor (all of these victories for me..yay!) of leg wrestling. I definitely beat a boy and it was in the newspaper :)
Happy Holidays!

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