Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Break :)

Happy Turkey day! We had a long weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday and it has been lovely! Utah State has an awesome location; it is the perfect distance away from home. I live in Salt Lake so it is far away enough that I have some independence and freedom, yet close enough that I can come home when I need to for special occasions, holidays, sweet concerts, or when I’m just a little homesick and want to see my family and friends. I spent Thanksgiving with my family and I really enjoyed my break, I really needed one. Over the break I saw Twilight, went dancing with my friends, did a little bit of homework, and of course, feasted on delicious food. Now I am refreshed and recharged for a crazy week getting ready for finals and such. It will definitely be an adventure! 

(This is my Xia xia and Pa pou (grandma and grandpa in Greek) and my sisters boyfriend at Thanksgiving's kind of a terrible picture of me and I think i was saying something to the affect of "Why are you taking a picture right at this very moment when we are feasting for this day of giving thanks?" just maybe)

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