Sunday, November 16, 2008


This week has been a fun adventure! I made a goal this week to be super healthy and it feels great. I love being really active and eating my fruits and veggies haha. On monday night I did yoga, then hip-hop, then kick boxing (needless to say the next day i was sore...) Tuesday I did Piyo (which is yoga and pilates mixed), and wednesday was really stressful with projects and exams, so I did some relaxing yoga. Thursdays are my favorite because at 11:00 a bunch of friends get together and play dodgeball all night (it is so much more intense than gym dodgeball in fourth is legit! haha) On friday I did stairs, and then Saturday went on a jog/walk with my sister. It really feels great to be balanced with physically, mentally, and socially etc. It really enhances the whole college experience and life in general. It really is not that hard either, I love being well! Have a well week and a swell day :) here is me doing yoga..definitely a good stretch (it is kinda crazy but I like it)

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