Sunday, October 12, 2008


so right now this very instant it is snowing! it is the kind the is fluffy and falls lightly and fluttery! i love it :) there isn't snow on the melts basically right when it falls, but watching it is peaceful. anyway this week Aggies for Africa counted most of the shoes that have been donated and so far we have 1,754 with more to come!! french club played german club in an epic soccer game on the hper field and it was so fun! i definitely got dirty slide tackling and such (although french club did lose, we demand a rematch haha). last night we had a sweet dance party (that pic is me dancing..) at my friends' house and had a date auction and a kissing booth to raise money for Aggies for Africa, it was so much fun!
those are the highlights, so i hope you guys have an awesome week!

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