Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Break!

so this week was fall break..yay! i went hiking with my friend and it was BEAUTIFUL! the trees in the canyon in fall are just gorgeous i love them :). we did the "crimson trail" which is known for the deep red color that the leaves turn along the trail, it is a really great hike. and then i went on a bike ride to great harvest and a sweet thrift store on a beautiful sunny day. i got sweet shades for 50 cents awesome blue spandex for 1.50 and my friend jess and i bought a dress and each paid 1.50 it was so great!
i also went to the Utah Bioneers Conference and had a really great experience there. We learned alot about sustainability, and living green in all aspects of life. i really enjoyed learning how to make a difference on this amazing planet with how i live and the choices i make. (and the food was so great, lots of organic, local produce and local companies..awesome!)
p.s. i can't wait, next week is homecoming week........woohoo (even though i don't have a date haha)

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