Monday, July 6, 2009

Mes voyages (my voyages :D hehe)

the view from our crazy mountain hostel
yay I love sunflowers! I took this out of the train window so it didn't turn out so well
look how blue the water is!

mmmm Pesto Mozzarella and tomato pizza
seafood spaghetti

the lemons from this region are AMAZING and really famous

the boats
the first village or earth (Cinque Terre is five earths or lands)
pretty market
yay for the Mediterranean
a nice little waterfallish thing
cute gardens
old houses on the way to our hostel

the beach

the beach that we slept on instead of paying for a hostel
(much cheaper than a hostel :) hehe)
In Monterosso in Cinque Terre we slept on the beach. It was quite the adventure!
a man carved out of the mountain
mmmmm bruschetta with pesto, fresh basil, sundried tomatoes, and mozzarella!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yummmm

the chacos and the Mediterranean sea
il duomo
cool rasta bike.
cool graffiti art on the train
beautiful flowers in Monterosso

the leaning tower of Pisa


beautiful house in Pisa
la bella casa that we stayed in
trying to sleep on the 4 hour train ride to Pisa from Rome
the Colosseum in Rome
a little town in Switzerland
the Red Cross Museum in Geneva

the happy land of banks and chocolate (Switzerland that is..) oh yes, and knives

in Geneva
So right now I live in France in a town called Annecy. I've been here for a month and it has flown by so fast, but I am very glad that my french has improved a lot. Annecy is really close to Switzerland and not too far from Italy, there is a beautiful lake and the Alps are really near by. There are lots of fun things to do here like go to the lake, go hiking, bike everywhere, eat delicious food, and go to music festivals and things like that.
There is a thing called La Fete de Musique and in all of France there is music all day long, all sorts and in every major town or city. It is the 21st of June and it is really cool!
My host family here is so nice I really love them. The house is beautiful and the people are really nice. Whoever said French people are mean was wrong hehe.
But Geneva is really close so I went there and saw the big fountain they have in the lake and last week for my break from school I went to Italy. My friend lives in Pisa so we started there and then went to Cinque Terre, then Rome. All of it was amazing. Brushcetta, piazza, gelati, panini, focaccia, mmmmm italian food!!!

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Amber said...

Ummm, you totally left Swatches off of your list of things Switzerland is the home of. Come on....where would this world be without Swatches?! Haha.