Sunday, May 31, 2009


We pretty much did all of Paris this week. I will put pics up later today probably when I can get wireless. We just got to Annecy yesterday, it is a cute town right by a beautiful lake and the Alps. I live with a host family and 6 other exchange students from Tufts and Northeastern Univ from Massachusettes, and a girl from Miami who I have yet to meet. I haven't met my host mom and dad yet because they were at a wedding this weekend, so their daughter showed me the house and all that jazz. Yesterday I went to the beach with some other students and read by le lac d'Annecy. It is a very new experience and i am still trying to figure things out. I live pretty close to a really beautiful lake that i am going again today and doing some homework.
Tomorrow will be my first day of school and I'm a bit nervous. There is a group of about 15 from USU and tons of other students from all around, so it should be fun!!

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Andrea said...

Look at that market-wow, my mouth is watering!! Fantastic pictures!